Notts County may be known as the oldest professional club and the team Juventus copied their famous black and white stripes, but there is a new sport causing a racket down Meadow lane.

Padel is a sport with Mexican origins which mixes the best qualities of Tennis and Squash. The playing area is one third of a Tennis court and is cage like as they are surrounded by four glass walls.

The rules are simple(ish). The ball is allowed to bounce of any wall but then can only hit the turf once before being returned.

If the ball fails to go over the net or the ball bounces twice, the rally is over and a point is awarded. Padel shares similarities with Tennis as they use the same scoring system.

Martin Baker, financial consultant at Notts County was given a peculiar task in 2022 when his boss, the owner of Notts County Alexander Reedtz, requested Martin to research into the cost of building Padel courts.

Meadow lane Padel courts with the Notts County stadium as a back drop

The Danish descent of the County owners have latched onto Padels popularity as the sport now has 500,000 players across the Scandinavian countries.

“The owners love the sport and wanted to give the public and players a fresh new avenue of fitness.”

Martin Baker, Financial consultant

Padels intensity and imagination has seen the racket sport become one of the fastest growing sport around the globe.

Martin described the Meadow Lane courts has “buzzing” as the online booking system County use is also busy. Martin has noticed the rise of participants at the Nottinghamshire based courts and the rise of popularity served up by Padel.

In 2021 there was 150 courts across England and now as we have just entered 2024, Padel can now boast 300 plus courts across the country.

“We are busier on our courts, but Padel’s hype is across the UK”

Martin Baker

The future of Padel is promising as the LTA (Lawn Tennis Association) have serious plans to catapult the sport as big hitter in the UK.

Olympic talks have been placed on hold as the LTA want focus on laying down the solid foundations of Padel before an Olympic campaign.