CCTV footage of Barnaby and Grace's final moments before the attack- credit Nottinghamshire police

Valdo Calocane has been sentenced for killing Barnaby Webber, Grace O’Malley-Kumar and Ian Coates in Nottingham in June last year.

Calocane admitted three counts of manslaughter by diminished responsibility in November, after denying murder.

Mr Justice Turner said that Calocane will in future have the ability to apply to the first tier tribunal for potential discharge to the community.

But the judge added that given the severity of his offences, his condition and his chronic need for medication, it is “highly unlikely” that he would be given absolute discharge.

Here, he will be subject to “careful independent consideration” and his discharge would be based on conditions, such as him meeting a supervisor regularly, being compliant with his medication and remaining at a fixed address.

Any “deterioration” in his mental condition would lead to a “prompt recall” to psychiatric hospital.

He orders that Calocane return to Ashworth Hospital under section 37 of the Mental Health Act.

Dr Kumar, father of Grace O’Malley-Kumar, says his family has never questioned Calocane’s mental health diagnosis. But he believes the “lack of toxicology [report]”, “contemporaneous mental health assessment” and “missed opportunities” require further review.

Barnaby Webber’s parents agree with this, and say that they do not dispute that Calocane has been “mentally unwell” but says he “knew exactly what he was doing”.

Mr Justice Turner talks about the medicine that Calocane is currently prescribed for his mental disorder, calling it a “drug of last resort”.

This shows the level of care he needs, says the judge, adding it is “necessary and appropriate” to make a hospital order.