No. Twelve's bar serving drinks through the evening. Image courtesy of Crescent Creative.

In January, thousands of meat-eaters make a drastic switch to participate in the Veganuary challenge.

For many, completing the month-long diet can be difficult, especially when there are so many tempting options which go against the vegan lifestyle.

With so many choices here in Nottingham, there’s no reason you can’t give it a go – from sweet treats to fine-dining, there’s something for everyone.

We’re here to show you that January’s dietary trend doesn’t have to mean you can’t indulge in sweet treats and junk food without breaking the strictly veggie diet.

From fine dining plates to delicious chocolates, we’ve rounded up a range of vegan spots in Nottingham that are packed with flavourful dishes that’ll have you craving for plant-based goodies throughout the year.

No. Twelve, NG1
The award winning, plant-based restaurant in the city centre offers a small-plates style dining experience and produce high-end, quality dishes.

Ritchie Stainsby, head chef and co-owner of the critically acclaimed restaurant said: “We found that by cooking plant based, people were often coming in and not really realizing that the whole meal was vegan.”

He continued, “It’s a journey throughout food, our expression of seasonality of different ingredients. Getting the best out of produce at the best time of the year is what’s important.”

A full selection of all vegan dishes. Image courtesy to Crescent Creative.


Lesley’s Vegan Cakes, NG3
Since January 2021, Lesley Holroyd has been crafting mouthwatering cakes and baked goods as part of the Veganuary challenge.

Her homemade delicious desserts are animal-product free and are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

She said: “I bake vegan cakes because I’m vegan and I want to spread the word, show people that they can be as good, if not even better, than non-vegan cakes.

“A lot of vegans will say I haven’t had a cheese scone for years – well, our vegan ones are good sellers!”

Lesley’s famous “cheese” scones.
Lesley Holroyd, baking her notorious vegan treats.


Luisa’s Vegan Chocolate, NG1
Who doesn’t love chocolate?

The small-scale, artisan, award-winning chocolate business based in Sneinton Market, produces chocolate of the finest quality and every step, from bean to bar, is autonomous to ensure a 100% cruelty free product.

Prickly Pear Cafe, NG1
Since 2019, the vegan cafe has been serving customers excellent flavours on their very diverse menu.

From Sunday roasts to burgers or even Brunch until 3pm, Prickly Pear’s got your vegan indulgence fix sorted.


Every year since 2014, thousands across the country participate in the challenge of eating a solely vegan diet for the duration of January.

The UK based non-profit group, Veganuary, invites people all over the world to try being vegan for a month in efforts to promote more sustainable living practices.

Before you cave in on the Veganuary challenge, just remember there are still plenty of plant-based treat options for you to enjoy.

We want to encourage you to keep on going and treat yourself – you’ve earned it!