Nottingham booklovers have voiced their concerns over the future of potential cuts at the city’s new central library in the face of the City Council.

Nottingham City Council has highlighted a £50 million gap in its budget for the year 2024/25 which will have a major impact on its services.

The Council has proposed cuts to youth services, care homes, public libraries and water features in public squares, leading to the loss of 500 jobs, as part of a plan to tackle its financial crisis after in effect declaring bankruptcy.

The consultation ran for four weeks from December 19, 2023, to January 16, 2024, aimed to review library service provision as part of the proposed solutions.

When the library opened, I was pleased to hear the people’s needs had been prioritised, I hope the outcome of this won’t leave me disappointed” said Shahid Ahmed, a member of Nottingham Central library.

He added: “This is a reward for taxpayers like myself, we should be able to have and keep a facility like this which brings communities together.”

The newly renovated Nottingham’s Central Library could fall victim in the latest council budget plans after being shut for over three years.

Council Leader David Mellor said: “We do need to take measures, and we’re already doing so, to do what we can to balance that budget in extremely trying times.

“At the end of the day, you can’t cut things beyond the bone, or the city stops working in the way that it should be.”

The £10million funded library has different facilities and services embedded within it such as a business & IP Centre, children’s library, an exhibition space and lots more.

An unnamed library customer advisor said: “I didn’t used to go to the library much but since working here, I’ve really seen the value of it as a community space for all generations.

“There is no barrier to coming and using this space for almost everything, I hope the library stays and continues to grow with both the council and publics investment in it.”

The authority effectively declared itself bankrupt when it issued a Section 114 notice, facing a £23milion budget shortfall for the current financial year and a separate £53million gap for the year beginning April 2024.

Olivia Mcclean, student said: “With these kinds of decisions, there is always going to be pros and cons with it, it is important to find a balance in all this chaos.

“The library has a lot of significance considering it has only been around for two months.”

A review of the library services resulted in the proposal carried out a review of library services to achieve library budget savings of £1.524 million over two years, which will result in some library closure and job losses.