Saeed Akhtar, a worker at Nottingham Travels.

Nottingham Travels is an agency that devotes their services to find locals budget friendly flights to their favourite destinations that are out of Europe.

With the cost-of-living crisis affecting us all, finding cheap and affordable flights is almost impossible and people are unsure on how to escape the harsh weather British winters impose.

If going abroad appeals to you, Saeed Akhtar, a member of staff at Nottingham Travel, encourages you to call or visit them in store to discuss a tailored plan that suits your budget to make your dreams to travel come true.

“Recently, hot Christmas’ and winters seem to be what people are looking for, so places like Dubai and Turkey are our most popular destinations this winter.”

Saeed Akhtar.

After Brexit laws were enforced, the agency stopped covering regions in Europe but still offer a range of flights to countries outside like Saudi Arabia, Thailand, and Turkey.

They work with a vast amount of popular airlines that have great reviews such as Turkish Airlines, Ukraine Air and more to ensure comfort while flying.

Saeed said their busiest time of year is holiday seasons when kids are off school, and families are eager to enjoy a nice break.

The company offers tailored deals to their clients within their location and is inexpensive compared to other companies.

On top of this, they help their clients find luxurious and affordable accommodation and arrange for transport both to and from the hotel and airport, ensuring a stress-free travel experience.

Being a businessman in a competitive industry, Saeed emphasizes that their company prioritizes friendliness to ensure that their clients are comfortable and in order to maintain a sense of trust.

“We try to have a very friendly atmosphere; I think that’s the reason we have been the biggest in the business for 15 years.”

Saeed Akhtar.

Trust is potentially the most important aspect of working with a travelling agency, which is why the company enforces YATA protection when working alongside them.

YATA protection is a type of insurance that protect your money and ensures its safety if you have a medical issue and suddenly cannot travel as a result.

Staying in a cold place is said to be detrimental to your mental health, so Nottingham Travels offers a great opportunity to soak up some winter sun while also helping you find some peace of mind.