‘April Tapes’ released their latest single “Those Days” in September and will be performing at BBC Introducing
As the January blues settle in and the festive season becomes a distant memory, Nottingham locals are finding creative ways to beat the winter gloom. Residents are spoilt for choice with the various activities that have been put on to keep their spirits high, have a look at some of the ones that caught our eye!

International postcards show exhibition

Where: Surface Gallery, 16 Southwell Road
When: January 13 to February 10
Price: Free entry

Curated by ‘Surface Gallery’, an arts collective based in Nottingham, the exhibition includes original artworks submitted by artists around the world and all are available for sale of £15. Pieces can range from painting, print, graphics, illustration and textiles. ‘Surface’ judges will select prize winners with first place receiving £50. This year, The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity is working in partnership and artists can donate their work in memory of former pupil of St Richard’s Catholic College, Sophie Maria Taylor.

Artworks submitted at the ‘Surface Gallery”

BBC Introducing in the East Midlands

Where: Metronome

When: January 31

Price: Free entry

Hosted at the metronome, BBC introducing promoted up and coming UK artists and gives a platform to showcase their talent. This line-up includes modern pop and hip-hop artist Jude Forsey, alternative rock band based in Chesterfield April Tapes, pop artist Lucy Crisp supported by Youth Music’s NextGen Fund and an electric mix of alternative rock and indie music by band Set in Motion.

Jude Forsey, based in Nottingham
Band ‘Set in Motion’ released their first single on 5 January

‘Set in Motion’ quotes, “BBC introducing is important to us as it allows our music to gain a wider audience, as well as the fact many of the bands we love also started off doing BBC introducing too, with the likes of Catfish and the Bottlemen and Don Broco.

“We met at university, and want to seize the opportunity of collaboration.

“When it comes to our music, the four of us come from completely different backgrounds and we all have separate individual tastes that blend into what Set and Motion is.”

Lucy Crisp with her latest EP ’65 Roses’

Lucy Crisp says, “It’s a big milestone in my career to be playing this BBC Introducing Gig, as it’s something I’ve always wanted to do even before I released my first single.

“I’ve seen some amazing artists play this stage and then go on to play festivals such as Glastonbury and Leeds Festival, and it’s cool knowing they started that big journey by playing at metronome!

“A lot of my music is wrote about what I go through on a day to day basis in the hope that other people will feel the same.

“A lot of my songs are synth pop/indie pop, and has a huge 80’s feel.

“It’s crazy how many people have messaged me and said how they’ve been able to relate to the songs on a personal level.

“When you combine the lyrics with the music, it feels like you’re living in the modern version of the 80’s because a lot what happened back then is still happening now.

“In 2022, I took part in circle of lights album project and I’m still really good friends with a lot of them to this day.

“There’s also been multiple hospital admissions and many COVID tests that have came back positive which has affected my singing but I’m definitely better than ever right now and that’ll show at the BBC introducing gig.”

Beat the Streets Festival

Where: Various venues around Nottingham

When: January 28 to January 29

Price: £10 – £30

Annually held since 2018 the festival raises money to provide housing and support for rough sleepers in Nottingham. Holding the national UK Festival Award Community Impact title for the most difference in its community, this year includes over 50 artists across multiple stages: Rock City, Rescue Rooms, The Bodega, Stealth and Rough Trade. So far, £409,500 has been raised.

And then there were none

Where: Theatre Royal

When: January 23 to January 27

Price: £15.30 – £37.50

Directed by Lucy Bailey, the best selling crime novel of all time is being hosted at the Royal Theatre. The show will star names such as Bob Barrett and Oliver Clayton.