Nottingham’s Squash Rackets club in Radford is set to receive a financial boost on the back off the International Olympic committee (IOC) decision to grant Squash an Olympic spot.

Squash will debut at the 2028 Los Angeles Olympic games after constant Olympic rejection and lack of funding which has left the sport in sudden death for nearly a decade.

Head coach, Elaine Blake is delighted with the decision and hopes the fresh funding will see the club buzzing again with players of all abilities and ages.

The lack of funding had left the club in dark times with members of staff being let go and group sessions being cancelled due to participation issues.

“The funding will allow us to put on events for all members of the club in the new year.”

Head coach, elaine blake

Nottingham Squash Racket Club has also become the youth development hub for aspiring Squash professionals and Elaine hopes the new funding will support Squash’s future stars.

Ed Barnes, an aspiring professional Squash player, is elated with the news that the club situated in Radford is getting a much-needed monetary help.

“It’s given clubs around the country and my club a needed refresh, I can’t wait to feel the enthusiasm around the sport again.”

Ed Barnes

The professional Squash hopeful is excited to see how the Nottingham Squash Rackets club utilise the money for the youth development squad as Ed aims for a spot in a future Olympics.

Squash will be joined by four new sports at the 2028 Los Angeles Olympic games.
-Baseball/ Softball
-Flag Football
Are all sports that have been ratified by the IOC to compete in the Olympics from 2028.