Union members share their concerns following full list of City Council cuts announced.

In response to the full list of cuts different unions attended a ‘Save Our Services’ meeting discussing the effects within different sectors and what they want from the council.

Berridge Councillor Shuguftah Quddoos said: “We need to know who the enemy is, as we don’t know what’s coming.”

This follows the discussion surrounding the role of the Conservative government in council debt, a £131 billion deficit, from the financial year 2022/23.

Liam Colway, a member of Notts TUC, said: “We need to fight the Conservatives and then send the message to any upcoming government to show them we won’t stop fighting until change is made.

“Every time I go into the city I see another person living in a cardboard box and it’s not acceptable.”

The consensus of the meeting is the complete removal of Tory leaders and their initiatives but don’t want a repeat in Labour leadership as they believe it’s vital to have better political representation.

As of yet, no labour councillors have spoken publicly against the cuts, described as “shameful” by many at the meeting.

Sheena Wheatly, The Nottingham City Division Secretary and active campaigner for Save Our Schools said: “The cultural life of young people has been undermined by these cuts and vulnerable people will get more vulnerable.

“There’s enough money for war, for slaughter and for the rich to get richer, so it’s not acceptable for the people of Nottingham to suffer.”

The cuts include reducing youth services such as of the Ridge Adventure Playground, The Bulwell Play and Youth centre and a review of library services.

Points were raised in the meeting that if there’s no leisure centres or libraries in walking distance that means people could completely miss out on exercise and access to reading and educational materials.

Jean Thorpe, a member of Unison, described this as a “dire situation” saying: “The council are weak, they need to campaign for more money and ask the awkward questions to get more money and if they don’t fight, we will.”

A total of 187 jobs could be cut and a full list of proposals can be found on the council’s 19 December Executive Board meeting agenda.