More neighbourhood officer patrols and an extra town centre base have contributed to a marked drop in antisocial behaviour in Newark.

Putting measures in place to tackle antisocial behaviour (ASB) has been a longstanding priority for the area’s neighbourhood policing team.

Providing more of a police presence in the community has been central to the team’s plans to try and prevent offending and respond to reports quicker.

A designated ASB rapid response car was rolled out ahead of last summer to allow for more patrols across a wider area and to help officers attend calls within minutes.

The District Commander for Newark and Sherwood said: “Tackling ASB has been a longstanding priority for our neighbourhood policing team, because the public have told us that this is an area of criminality they want us to focus on.

“We do a huge amount of work to try and combat this issue, with our officers conducting daily patrols of Newark town centre and other hotspot areas to provide a crime deterrent and to spot offending as it happens.

Meanwhile, an additional base in Newark’s market square has enabled neighbourhood officers to get out on foot more in the town centre to help detect and deter different offences.

This approach has resulted in improvements, with ASB reports in Newark and Sherwood dropping by seven per cent between January and December 2023, compared to the year before.

Nottinghamshire Police is focusing on the work carried out by police in the community this week as part of neighbourhood policing week of action, which runs from 22 January to 28 January.