Police will be overlooking areas of Nottinghamshire to help reduce anti-social behaviour.

Police followed a suspected illegal off-road motorcycle through residential streets before catching up with its rider.

Officers spotted the bike had no number plates as they were travelling along Edwards Lane, Sherwood, at around 2pm on Monday.

After following the bike for a brief distance, officers pounced when the rider stalled in am alleyway in Mansfield Road.

He was then arrested and the bike was seized.

Adrian Johnson, aged 44, has been charged with dangerous driving, driving without insurance, driving without a licence, criminal damage and and theft from a shop.

Johnson, of Radford Road, appeared at Nottingham Magistrates Court on Tuesday morning and was remanded into custody. He will next appear at Nottingham Crown Court on Friday 2 February.

Sergeant David Stafford, of Nottinghamshire Police, said: “Motorcycles must be taxed, insured and be displaying licence plates to be ridden legally on the road.

“If they are not then we will not hesitate to take action and hold the riders to account as we have done in this case.”