As the festive season approaches and chocolate treats and fruit cakes are stored in your home, it is important to keep the Christmas stash away from your pets.

To avoid expensive vet bills, it is warned to source nutritional food and treats for your dogs over the holidays.

Oscar’s Farmhouse Kitchen is a family-run business located in Calverton, Nottingham which sells healthy festive treats for dogs to enjoy at the local pub or in their homes.

They supply a novelty Christmas tree of star-shaped treats for dogs, one for cats and an array of Christmas-themed dog biscuits.

The company prides itself on the fact that their treats only contain natural ingredients.

Oscar’s Farmhouse Kitchen at the Food and Drink Festival 2023 at Four Bells Inn, Woodborough.

The company launched after founders, Terry Kent and Roger Lester chatted in their pub and spotted a niche market for dog treats to be sold there.

After Roger’s death in 2016, Terry’s daughter, Christina Kent, took over the administration for the business.

They created a treat called Roger’s Rabbits, in memory of Roger.

Christina said: “We believe artificial ingredients are not ideal for dogs, although we do not provide advice to dog owners, it is important to conduct their own research to understand the ingredients in their dog’s food.”

She said: “Be mindful of what they are being fed and more importantly other people may want to give dogs food because they seem interested, but this might not be good for their health.

“This may be particularly important if there are a lot of people in the same household during Christmas.”

Oscar’s Farmhouse Kitchen founder Terry Kent with his daughter Christina who also works for the family business.

Ellie Harrison, a student veterinary nurse, has worked within the animal industry for five years.

With a strong passion for animal welfare, she always knew she wanted to work with animals and make a difference.

Ellie said: “During Christmas time, foods such as alcohol, cakes, nuts and chocolate are always around for humans to eat.

Keep all foods and liquids that are not for canine consumption out of reach.”

“Allergies, life stage and weight management all must be considered when choosing a diet for a dog.”

Ellie Harrison, Student veterinary nurse

It is important, especially at Christmas that your dog is given nutritional food with guaranteed health benefits.

Ellie said: “Allergies, life stage and weight management all must be considered when choosing a diet for a dog.

She advises to include carbohydrates, protein, fats, oils, fibre and vitamins into your canine’s diet.

She added: “Fireworks also can sometimes be seen during the festive season – ensure your dog has all the support they need.”

Ellie advised to seek veterinary treatment if your dog consumes anything toxic and to treat this as a matter of urgency.