Nottingham's Victoria Centre Christmas tree, up in mid November.

Shops and restaurants have had their Christmas decorations up for several weeks now but it seems that it is never too early when it comes to giving our homes some festive cheer.

In Scandinavia, Christmas trees are decorated only a few days before Christmas, unlike Americans who traditionally decorate just after thanksgiving in November.

However, Brits seem to be meeting in the middle with many marking the start of December by putting up our trees, a tradition thought to date back to the 18th century.

Christmas decorations on Nottingham high street.

Real Christmas trees usually last up to three or four weeks indoors with regular watering.

On the other hand there are your classic fake Christmas trees, which, although more practical and cost effective, have come under fire for their lack of sustainability.

Women put their Christmas trees up earlier than men on average and are more likely to put one up at all. – Scribbler

CBJ Target took to the streets of Nottingham to find out when people actually think is the right time to put up their tree.