White Rose Outlet, just off Old Market Square, provides a range of clothing for low prices.

Christmas can be an expensive time but outfit shopping does not need to break the bank.

There are plenty of cheap festive outfit alternatives in Nottingham that still fit with the trends.

CBJ Target explored how second-hand shops, such as White Rose, can be just as good as high-end brands for your Christmas clothing by styling two seasonal options.

A wide range of dresses are on offer, from sparkly pieces to more neutral clothing.

This glamorous dress looks perfect for a Christmas party and was a bargain at £7.50.

Sequined dresses are a fashion staple this festive season and high street alternatives cost around £30-£40.

Many customers had their eye on this garment, with one saying she loved the dress and encouraging young people to buy it without thinking twice.

We paired the dress with these £6 nude heels to finish off the party look for a total of just £13.50.

Top-brand heels and formal shoes could be bought for bargain prices.
Journalist Katie Bilsborough showing off the elegant, Christmassy-red dress.

Bella Cue is a retail assistant at White Rose off Old Market Square and expects the festive stock in the store to have sold out by the middle of December.

She said: “Christmas fashion trends don’t change from year to year so it’s more sustainable to shop second-hand.

“Christmas jumpers always come in every year, people get rid of them after wearing them once.

“We sell a lot in the middle of November, with people wanting to help save the planet.”

We partnered a casual jumper with a dressy skirt.

These Christmas jumpers fit well with the winter trend of slouchy knit and statement skirt, perfect for December 25.

We paired this £10 grey jumper with a £6 leather skirt to utilise the trend for a festive outfit.

This matched with a pair of Zara black leather boots at an amazing price of £10, saving £70 from retail price.

“Christmas fashion trends don’t change from year to year so it’s more sustainable to shop second-hand.”

Bella Cue, White Rose staff member

The festive sweater outfits can be worn by people of all ages and paired with a variety of garments.

One customer noted that there were not many fashion options for men over 60, but his £6.99 charity shop Christmas jumper will be a staple in his holiday wardrobe.

A range of shoes were on display, including high-street brands like Zara and New Look.
Ella Beecroft, Nottingham Trent University student, modelling the sweater and skirt look.

So when shopping for your Christmas outfit this year consider alternative options to high-street brands, to save both money and the environment.

As we discovered, you do not have to sacrifice style to shop second hand.