Candlelight Vigil on Clumber Street, Nottingham (photographed by Louise Regan)

A demonstration was held on Clumber Street in Nottingham this week for the Children in Gaza in tandem with World Children’s Day 2023.

The event was held on Monday November 20 by the Nottingham Palestine Solidarity Campaign, a group that supports the people of Palestine and has organised many other events to protest their message through social media.

Their latest protest held in Nottingham, sought to shine a light on the young Palestinian lives lost in Gaza.

World Health Organisation director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus warned the UN Security Council: “Nowhere and no one is safe”.

The turnout on Clumber Street (photographed by Louise Regan)

Louise Regan, a member of the Nottingham Palestine Solidarity Campaign and organiser of the event,  said: “My heart bleeds. I think of my own daughters which made me get involved.”

She explains the vigil is to remember the over 4,500 killed in Gaza and the more than 1,500 missing.