Residents are concerned that more of Nottingham's council-funded events, such as the Winter Wonderland, may be cancelled

Following on from the city council’s financial statement last week, fears over the cancellation of future events in the city are growing.

This comes after the council announced the cancellation of the Bonfire Night fireworks as well as the St George’s Parade earlier in the year – both due to the council not being able to afford the events.

“It is scary, really, seeing events I have come to all my life being cancelled like they mean nothing”, Agatha Cronin said.

The 68-year-old West Bridgford resident has attended the Bonfire Night fireworks every year for as long as she can remember.

She said: “I just fear that traditions are soon going to be forgotten. In this age I feel like nothing is done to preserve the things that make Nottingham unique.”

“in this age I feel like nothing is done to preserve the things that make Nottingham unique”

agatha cronin, 68, lifelong nottingham resident

Nottingham City Council has recently confirmed they are close to issuing a Section 114 notice, which would mean all non-essential spending is banned.

This would likely affect pop-ups, events and campaigns paid for by the council.

Kevin Clarke, leader of the Nottingham Independents, said: “It is sad old traditions are dying just because of a bit of money.”

This comes as Labour councillor Pavlov Kotsonis said they had “no choice” but to cancel the display due to the costs having doubled thanks to inflation.

“We continue operating in a tough economic environment,” he added.

Displays and events are at risk of being cancelled if the council declared bankruptcy.

Nottingham residents have now shown concern for further events being cancelled as the council has not released any plans about St Patrick’s Day, St George’s Day or Easter.

Maria Brook, 31, said: “The uncertainty about these events makes me quite sad – I want to be able to bring my children to parades and show them our culture and it would be a shame losing this because the council has not managed its money properly.”

The council is expected to release more information on its spending plan over the coming weeks.

Should a Section 114 order be issued, the council would have 21 days to consider it and decide on strategies.