The Nottingham Honey Badgers enjoyed a fruitful latest campaign. Photo via Nottingham Honey Badgers Facebook.

A Nottingham-based flag football team are looking for new players to carry on their recent achievements.

The Nottingham Honey Badgers are hoping to build on their playoff finish last season.

Flag football is an adapted, non-contact version of kitted American Football that aims to combine the athleticism of American Football with the enjoyment of non-contact sport.

Each team has five players on the pitch at any given time with one team on the offensive and one team defending.

Gareth, a committee member for the club said: “Last season we had a more successful season than we’d imagined, we got into the playoffs and overall had a great time.

“Flag football has been growing, it was involved in the Superbowl last year and has been introduced as a new sport in the Summer Olympics 2028 games.

“So a lot of things are going on in order to grow the sport.”

The side are always keen to add more players to their roster. Photo via Nottingham Honey Badgers Facebook.

Flag football is always looking for new players and sometimes recruitment proves a tough process.

“Sometimes it can be difficult to recruit but we do what we can.

“Our catchment area covers central and northern Nottinghamshire, as well as Derbyshire. “Whether you’re an experienced player or someone looking to try a new sport, the Honey Badgers are always looking for new players.”

There are about 60 flag football teams up and down the country with various junior teams and a women’s league with just over 10 teams.

Nottingham is home to many flag football teams, including the Nottingham Bears, two women’s teams at the University of Nottingham and the Nottingham Arrows youth team.

The season runs from April to September and will begin preseason training with taster sessions beginning in the months leading up to the new season.

Anybody interested in getting involved can find more information on the club’s Facebook or on their Instagram/Twitter @HoneyBadgersUK.

Alternatively, visit their website here: