This month is Second – Hand September so we headed into the city centre to find out what the people of Nottingham have to say.

With the rising cost in all sectors it’s no wonder people are switching to buying second hand.

Chloe Gold, 21, a shop manager for Cancer Research, Nottingham, says that given the place that she works she has ‘bought a fair few good things but also some weird things’.

She said: “You can buy really good high quality stuff for a fraction of the price.

“I’ve got great £12 Puma trainers, everything that I’m wearing right now is second hand.”

Students seem to have started to favour buying second hand due to its inexpensive cost.

Students Xander Lennon and Reg Waller, 19 and 20, seem to have also hopped on the trend.

“We mainly buy second hand clothes because it’s much cheaper.”

Xander Lennon, 19

Oxfam started the pledge to make fashion lovers rethink the month that is usually associated with fashion week.

Reg Waller said: “I quite like shopping at the British Heart Foundation.”

Aiden Archer, 26, Psychology Student, Arnold

” I pretty much shop at the army surplus store all the time.”

“I got this jumper for £17 at a surplus store it had a few holes in I had to stich but it was my favourite jumper all winter.”

Max Cornelius, 19, a psychology student from the Arboretum area of Nottingham added: “I don’t see a lot of advertising for them because I don’t really think that I’m the target audience.”

“I got a ‘MILF’ Shift as in ‘Mushrooms I’d like to Forage’ ”

Second Hand September is a powerful way of recycling and buying stylish outfits without adding to mainstream chains.

By Lucinda Krzanicki and Carla Dowling