Sustainable fashion pieces in White Rose, Nottingham.

Many people are resorting to second hand shopping both online and in store to help save money due to the cost of living in the UK.

Holly Marshall, store manager of the White Rose shopping chain in Nottingham’s Victoria centre said: “Charity shopping has definitely got bigger because of the cost of living crisis.

 “The rise of students second hand shopping is crazy. it used to be unpopular to shop second hand and now it’s trending.”

Assistant manager, Will Ramsay, 20, felt that the trend for second hand clothing has a limited lifespan.

20 year-old store manager will.

Mr Ramsay said: “Fast fashion a huge problem which demonstrates the way young people get bored of trends easily, so I think that eventually students will move onto the next thing.”

The Arnold resident himself buys into sustainability and recently bought a second hand leather Valentino jacket.

A Nottingham fashion communications student Caoimha Wilsch, 22, said: “I love it as a fashion student. I’ve bought some great pieces from charity shops such as a trench coat for £10 and Karen Millen skirts.”

NTU fashion student enjoying a browse in White Rose.

There are 11,000 charity shops in the UK and over 100 in Nottingham alone.

Julie Donald, 63, of Langley Mill said: “I started second hand shopping 40 years ago and I can say I’ve seen an improvement in quality and options.”

She concluded: “I love giving to charity and I love a bargain!”