NTU student union vintage sale attracts many buyers in Second-hand September

Second hand buyers discussed their best bargains from designer shoes to oil paintings and Tiktok’s influence on the popularity of sustainable fashion.

Molly May Manley, 22, spoke about her best purchases and how social media has changed second hand shopping:

“The best thing I’ve bought is Prada boots from the 90s, I got them for £150, they are worth around £500/600.”

“eBay is good for buying because it’s cheaper than other platforms, but the prices are going up for second hand clothing because of people on TikTok doing hauls.

“TikTok makes second hand shopping seem more attractive and easier to find rare things.”

Molly is a MA fashion student who has been buying and selling clothes since 15 through Depop.

Tom Walker, 25, runs vintage second hand sales weekly across the country:

“I started doing this 12 years ago just through buying clothes from charity shops, and from that created a business.”

Tom runs clothing sales at various University student unions weekly.

He continued: “I buy and sell a lot of second clothes up and down the country but I would say my best purchase would be from a car boot sale, I bought a vintage oil painting of a fisherman for our house.”

However, Ian Speer, 54, discussed his use of second hand purchases to support his plumbing business:

“I don’t have time to shop second hand, it often takes a long time to find anything you want!

However I have bought second hand tools and equipment off Facebook marketplace for half the price.”