Staffordshire Wildlife Trust's HQ - The Wolseley Centre

England’s leading nature conservation charity is appealing to fundraise money to help aid their wildlife projects at their headquarters.

The Wolseley Centre in Stafford is the hub of all operations for the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust charity, where they are hoping to raise £50,000 to continue their essential work.

Membership Recruiter, Steve Davies, said: “What we’re worried about is the next generation and their children, what are they going to see?

“It starts in local communities and it starts with you, in your garden.

“When you add it all together, suddenly we’re making big changes.”

They currently manage and protect over 40 nature reserves in the county.

Staffordshire Wildlife Trust’s membership information pack.

Featured in their 26 acres of reserve land, you’ll find dead wood habitats and bug hotels to encourage tiny invertebrates to live there, building the foundations for a food chain.

Deforestation and residential redevelopment projects have contributed to their loss, but this is where the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust comes in.

“We have extracted gravel pits which when we have finished working with, turn them into nature reserves and allow different species to come back,” Mr Davies added.

Their fundraiser will help them continue the much-needed work they contribute to their local communities.

Alexis Johnson is a Senior Learning Officer at the Wolseley Centre, who makes her own eco-friendly products that she sells in the centre shop and online.

Here are some of Alexis Johnson’s products.

She said: “I am constantly learning new ways to use less plastic, fewer harmful chemicals, be green, and be more kind – to each other as well as the environment.”

Miss Johnson also explained how the charity has been awarded £961,000 from Defra’s Green Recovery Challenge Fund to deliver community engagement and large-scale conservation work in Stoke-on-Trent and Newcastle-under-Lyme.

The charity’s work is vital to local communities and needs your support.