Mansfield firefighters have been visiting the Forest Town area to complete ‘safe and well’ checks after a fatal fire last week.

On Thursday, January 19th, Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue responded to a blaze in a bungalow on Princess Avenue in Forest Town, where a 57-year-old woman died.

This comes after a general increase in dwelling fires in Nottinghamshire since 2018, as 204 have been reported in Mansfield between 2021/2022.

Firefighters are doing their part to increase community awareness on fire safety through education and proactive housing visits.

Scott Robinson, Green Watch Manager at Mansfield said: “We offer fire safety advice to all houses in the surrounding area and make sure they have working smoke alarms and if not, we install them then and there.”

Firefighters supporting the Mansfield community after a general rise in dwelling fires since 2018

Their visits help tailor specific fire safety advice to people who have different electrical and heating systems in their homes.

Watch manager Robinson said: “We had an instance today where someone had a gas heater which runs off LPG which increases their risk of carbon monoxide, so we were able to educate them of the dangers.”

With a rise in energy bill costs, many people are turning to older and smaller electrical appliances to keep them warm this winter, posing a further risk if not used correctly.

Green Watch also work alongside new members of the community who have moved from other countries with different emergency practices.

Individuals in Nottinghamshire are able to book themselves in for a ‘safe and well’ visit through their Fire and Rescue website to lower their fire risk at home.

Lead Image: Scott Robinson