Nottingham Trent’s student union played host to a vintage clothing sale in their Level today.

Headlock Vintage, the vintage traders offered a range of vintage clothing from football shirts, army jackets and plenty of patterned shirts.

Also on offer was a range of jewellery, scarves, scrunchies and tote bags.

You could even pick up one of Headlock’s original art prints for £3.

Besides clothing there were also plenty of accessories.

Whilst the sale was quiet early in the morning, sales picked up throughout the day as more and more students and locals filtered in to take a look at the offerings.

The prices were incredibly low for authentic vintage fashion, with leather jackets retailing for £30 compared to £40 and up for a new one of the same quality.

You could also find denim jackets for £20 and shirts for £12.

There were also plenty of name brands on offer with Nike, Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren all available throughout the day.

The offerings are replenished throughout the day to ensure that no matter what time you arrive at, there will be plenty of choice and unique items for you to find.

There were hundreds of items on offer for every fashion style.

Headlock are continuing to offer vintage sale at student unions throughout the country, with the next in Northumbria, Durham and Oxford.

If you book in advance, you can pay £2 and receive a 10 per cent off discount on your entire purchase at the event, which can add up to a lot of money off when you pick up a few items.

They also sell clothing directly through their website along with their own branded caps, t-shirts and posters.

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