The Honey Badgers describe themselves as the "undisputed, premier flag football team in Nottingham." (Credit, Nottingham Honey Badgers.)

The Nottingham Honey Badgers, a flag football club based out of the Forest Recreation Ground, are appealing for new players to join their successful team.

The club was formed 10 years ago by Charlie Paterson and were originally the Mansfield Honey Badgers before relocating to Nottingham in 2018.

The Honey Badgers are hosting a Rookie Day this Saturday, January 28, at Forest Recreation Ground from 10am until 12pm in which they are seeking new players ahead of the 2023 season.

Anyone wanting to try flag football can attend, with the chance to join not just a fantastic team but a great community as well.

The sessions are open for any skill level, gender and fitness, with the only requirement being that players are aged 17 and above.

Speaking to the Honey Badgers, a spokesperson said: “Over the past ten years of the club’s existence, it has enjoyed an excellent run of success and has appeared at the National Championship no fewer than three times – an incredible achievement.

“Not to mention the few Badgers that represent Great Britain for both the men and women’s national teams.”

Flag football is an excellent sport that offers an alternative to the high demanding contact sport of American Football.

It has all the same principles as the original sport, but simply without the contact, offering a safer and fun alternative.

The Honey Badgers in last weeks rookie session. (Credit: Nottingham Honey Badgers Instagram)

When asked about the club ethos, they said: “We’re very democratic, big decisions have everyone involved in their deciding.

“We have annual AGMs where many aspects of the clubs upcoming year are decided on. One of which each year has been the overall driving force and collective club ethos.

“While this has not always been the case, it was nigh on unanimously agreed that a competitive and meritocratic mindset is what we need this year, focusing on team cohesion and personal development every session.”

Across the UK, flag football is becoming more and more popular, in the last ten years the number of flag football teams in the UK has roughly doubled.

The Honey Badgers said: “Part of the appeal could be down to how easily accessible [it is] to those interested in giving it a try, for example we’ve seen a range of players from early 20’s to late 40’s amongst the Honey Badgers roster through the years.

“Given its diverse appeal and explosive nature, it may see a surge in appreciation in coming years, [in a] similar capacity to what 2020 did for cricket. Especially if the governing bodies bid for Olympic status is granted.”

For anyone who wants to get involved, you can simply turn up to the open session on Saturday or for more information get in contact through their Facebook page, or contact them by Twitter/Instagram on @HoneyBadgersUK.

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