Mesa restaurant, located in Hockley, Nottingham

Head Chef at Mesa, Marcus Lewsely, has built up an accomplished following on his Instagram account, with 44.6 thousand followers who he continually keeps up to date, on his fusion cuisine creations.

Located in the bustling Hockley area of Nottingham, the good name of Mesa has been upheld through its ever-changing menu and good service, keeping customers coming back.

Marcus Lewsely, head chef, explained that he always had a passion and interest in food however it was never his original career choice.


Marcus Lewsley

“I chose to follow a career in avionics engineering which I did between 2007 and 2020.

“During Covid, I questioned myself a lot, on where I wanted to be, and having had a successful few years doing pop-ups and kitchen takeovers, I also met the right people, and took a leap to open Mesa.”

The eatery has only been open a year and a half but has made quite an impression with its unique open kitchen, and wood fire cooking which looks out to the diners.

“I’ve always loved cooking over a fire, so I wanted that to be a key element of how we produce our menus.”

Picture of Marcus Lewsley cooking (credit Marcus Lewsley)

Marcus went on to highlight that he has surrounded himself with excellent creatives, to help produce new and innovative menu ideas.

The head chef at Mesa, elaborated on his social media presence success, saying, “My social media grew solely because people could relate to me and my content and found it accessible.

Mesa’s small-plate food options

“I find it so important to be open and honest, and treat social media the same way you would with anything else in life, people enjoy the authenticity and I feel like that’s why I have done well.”

Mesa is Marcus’s first project within the industry, but with the success that his small business and Instagram have received, I’m sure he is a name in the industry people will be looking out for.

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