This is the first time this production of Sleeping Beauty has been on since 2012

Sir Matthew Bourne has wowed his fans once again with a stunningly haunted version of ‘Sleeping Beauty’.

After seeing his production of ‘Cinderella’ back in 2018, I became a new found fan of his productions and the way he puts a unique and interesting twist onto well known loved stories. 

From Cinderella being set during the London Blitz to Sleeping Beauty becoming a gothic story, he truly knows how to put on a show.

Starting on January 17, the UK tour will take place for four months with majority of tickets sold out.

The show will be in Nottingham Tuesday, January 24 until Saturday, January 28. 

With many hints to the original feature film, a gothic twist overcomes the story including magical fairies and vampires.

Including use of the original sound track with the main title song and the much loved ‘Once Upon A Dream’.

Moving along the story beginning in 1890 to now, we see each decade being represented accurately with the Edwardian styled clothing.

Using corsets, necklaces and full skirts changing from light to dark to perfectly set the tone of the show.

Through the acting and ballet, the crowd laughed and awed at the production, particularly towards Aurora played by Katrina Lyndon.

One thing that Matthew always gets right is his set.

Cinderella always amazed me by having a building collapse to represent the blitz but Sleeping Beauty had something I hadn’t seen before in a ballet.

A conveyor belt.

The fairies used this by coming onto the stage in perfectly placed poses which blew the crowd away along with their stunning dancing.

Even using fairy lights hanging from the ceiling to lightly show the dancing silhouettes of Leo (Andrew Monaghan) and Count Lilac (Dominic North).

Although it didn’t wow me as much as ‘Cinderella’, this is definitely not one to miss as you lose yourself in a gothic romance.

Try and grab the last few tickets for ‘Sleeping Beauty’ now or make sure to keep an eye out for future Matthew Bourne production’s, you won’t regret it.

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