Louise Elvin is a theatre support worker at the City Hospital.

A hospital worker was left anxious and afraid after an attempted break-in says she finally feels safe after receiving free Safer Streets security upgrades.

Louise Elvin, 58, was at her Top Valley home watching TV with her husband when a suspicious man walked down their garden path and tried their door handle.

Luckily her husband saw what was happening and chased the man off before he could get into the property – but the incident just over two years ago left Louise nervous that it could happen again.

She said: “I have anxiety so I started to get nervous about it. I didn’t feel safe, especially when we are out of the house.”

Mrs Elvin received a leaflet through her door informing her she could receive free security devices through the Safer Streets scheme.

“I didn’t feel safe, especially when we are out of the house.”

Louise elvin

She now has has now had a Ring video doorbell and window alarms fitted and is due to receive motion sensor lighting, CCTV, and a security bolt on her back gate.

Mrs Elvin added: “I really appreciate it because we don’t have lots of money and we have got all this for nothing.”

The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Nottinghamshire was successful in securing £3 million of funding through the Home Office’s Safer Streets programme in July 2022.

Since then it has been working alongside Nottinghamshire Police and each of the local authorities across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire, including Nottingham City Council, to implement a wide range of measures to make people feel safer.

The aim of the Safer Streets scheme is to tackle neighbourhood crime – such as burglary, theft and vehicle crime – as well as deter antisocial behaviour and violence against women and girls.

Police and Crime Commissioner Caroline Henry said: “Safer Streets has a real impact on people’s feelings of safety.

“We are achieving this by working in partnership with police and councils to put more uniform presence on the streets and more security measures in people’s homes and in public areas.”

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