Australian food doesn't differ too much from British, but has its own unique charm

Australia Day marks the 235th anniversary of the First Fleet landing at Sydney Cove and raising the Union flag for the first time.

Whilst not everyone celebrates the day, due to it marking the beginning of a long period of cruelty to Aboriginal people, more and more Australian people choose to celebrate the rich culture and history of the Aboriginal people.

Some are campaigning to change the day to May 8, or “mate!”

Many families will get together to celebrate with music, community events, and food.

If you want to celebrate too, we’ve gathered a list of popular Australian foods that you can make this Australia Day.

#1 – Vegemite Sandwich

We start very simply with a classic vegemite sandwich, a food many people consider to be quintessentially Australian.

Whilst vegemite was originally a commercial flop, it became so popular that during World War 2, rationing was imposed on vegemite back home to ensure that the demand was high enough to ensure the troops got some.

It was even endorsed for its health benefits in 1938 by the British Medical Association!

All you’ll need for this one is your bread of choice, butter, and a pot of vegemite, which can be bought at supermarkets including Tesco and Asda for £2.20.

This is a quick and easy lunch, or can be eaten for breakfast on toasted bread.

#2- Fairy Bread

A classic children’s party snack, fairy bread is another simple food that will be sure to please any children who you might be eating with.

All you have to do for this one is lightly butter white bread, then cover it with brightly coloured sprinkles and cut it into triangles.

Despite its reputation as a children’s party food, we’re sure that adults can enjoy this one as well!

#3 – Sausage Sanga

Whilst we may know this as a sausage sandwich or sarnie, the sanga is a purely Australian take on the familiar recipe.

Many Australians choose to commemorate the national day with a barbeque, as January is when Australia is at its hottest!

There is nothing better to grill than a sausage, which is served between bread with plenty of fried onions and sauces, making it a filling and delicious meal able to be eaten outside in the sun whilst grilling!

#4 – Meat Pie

Whilst not invented in Australia, the meat pie has become an Australian staple due to the versatility of the recipe to suit anyone’s tastes, with over 270 million pies being consumed in Australia every year.

Meat wrapped in flaky puff pastry is hard to get wrong, and can be replaced with vegetarian or vegan substitutes, or even entirely different fillings to ensure everyone’s tastes and needs are accommodated.

You can find a recipe for a classic Aussie meat pie at

#5- Pavlova

Whilst Australia and New Zealand still debate over who was the first to create the Pavlova, there’s no denying its popularity amongst residents of both countries.

Both countries claim to have invented the dessert in the 1920s in honour of the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova.

Consisting of layers of meringue, whipped cream and fruit, this is a trickier recipe to get right, but there are plenty of tips and tricks online to help you get it just right.

If you want to see an easy Australian recipe, try this one:

#6 – ANZAC biscuits

Staying on the topic of sweet treats, ANZAC biscuits are a comparatively newer Australian food, created by the wives of soldiers serving in the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) to be sent to their husbands on the front lines.

The lack of eggs meant the biscuits kept well on the long boat journeys, and the golden syrup made sure they didn’t crumble.

The recipe was popularised after the CWA Cookbook published the recipe, and they have become a favourite both in Australia and abroad.

Check out ABC’s recipe here:

#7 – Lamingtons

A childhood favourite for many Australians, the soft sponge cake covered in chocolate and shredded coconut is a summer treat that became so popular there’s even a national day for them- July 21!

Whilst you can buy all the ingredients for this ready-made, you can also make your own sponge cake, which is a simple and versatile recipe you can learn for a multitude of desserts.

These will be a fun recipe to make with children, who will have plenty of fun dipping the cake cubes in chocolate and then rolling them in coconut.

See a detailed recipe here:

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