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Everyone is back to work and struggling with money and motivation, and it can sometimes be hard to upkeep your New Years resolution to kickstart your fitness journey.

With January in full swing, Christmas is over for another year and the dark and cold nights have never felt bleaker.

You may be keen to get going with your brand new healthy routine but are worried it will break the bank amidst the cost of living crisis, however we have some tips and tricks to make your regime stick.

Nottingham based personal trainer Daisy Peaceful, 24 said: “The advice I would give is make a big healthy meal prep to last few days or a week, and if its in your budget get some Vitamin D3 tablets.”

“Motivation comes and goes, but the compassion must be present during these cycles.”

Daisy peaceful, 24

“Steps that work for some, may not work for others but its better to do something than to do nothing and home workouts are great!

“Try some bodyweight squats, lunges and pulses for a minute each with jogging both before and after is a great quick general workout.”

It becomes so easy to sit down all day, avoiding any real activity but by doing a quick home workout you will improve both your physical and mental health.

The 24-year old also added: “Motivation comes and goes, but the compassion must be present during these cycles and if you can join the gym, only think positive thoughts about you and your body and the gym will become a place of refuge for you.

“I would also say that action becomes before motivation, for example if you over indulged in a whole pack of biscuits – that’s fine, move on and accept it and do better next time and always think of yourself as the version you want to become.”

Aaron Lane, 28.

If you find yourself lacking inspiration, you can always find good gym accounts on Instagram, who regularly post their workouts if you are struggling.

“if you aim too high at the start you will put too much pressure on yourself”


Personal trainer Aaron Lane, 28 from Nottingham also said: “A big thing I would say to do on a budget is bulk buy pasta, rice and the cheaper protein options such as Turkey Mince and cans of tuna, which are great.”

He also added: “I think 10,000 steps per day is a realistic target and the key to success is to make your routine as realistic as possible and build it into your lifestyle because if you aim too high at the start you will put too much pressure on yourself and won’t stick to it, feeling demotivated.”


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Heading outside, simply just for a walk is a great way of exercising and clearing your mind, a study in JAMA Neurology found that walking about 10,000 steps a day was linked to less chance of developing cardiovascular disease, heart disease, and dementia.

At the start of the year fitness resolutions can seem a like huge task, especially with limited money but with the proper planning, budgeting and right mindset, achieving these goals can be more than attainable.

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