Scotts in Nottingham gear up for the biggest night of the year, Burns' Night. Image credit, unsplash

Burns’ Night is upon us and we caught up with the Scottish native Schuggie Macinnes, of Schuggie’s Ceilidhs, to find out what party tricks and traditions they’ll be getting up to.

Schuggie Macinnes, 49, was born and raised in Inverness, the cultural capital of the Scottish Highlands.

Known as Dougie to friends and family, he came to the East Midlands 17 years ago and lives near Derby with his wife and two of his sons, Archie, aged ten years and eight-year-old Hamish.

Dougie in his traditional Scottish dress keeping the Scottish spirit alive at a wedding

Despite almost two decades away from the Highlands, Dougie has kept very connected to his Scottish roots.

Dougie runs a traditional Scottish Ceilidhs dance group and hosts Burns’ Night festivities year after year.

Traditional Ceilidh dancing is a non- technical tradition in Scotland. Image credit Schuggies Ceilidhs

When asked what traditions Dougie had brought back to East Midlands with him, he said: “All of them!”

Tonight, January 25, Dougie is hosting a Burns’ Night party at the Cosy Club, just off Market Square, Nottingham full of whiskey, dancing, live bands, toasts and good old fashioned Scottish banter.

Dougie also loves getting his whole community involved, gathering friends and family together in his back garden to have a dance and sing while his sons cut the Haggis for the English folk to try.

His Instagram page, @Schuggie’sceilidhs, shows a host of parties Dougie has held with plenty of dancing and fun. They even have a recipe for a Highland-hot-chocolate that Dougie says is guaranteed to knock your socks off.

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