Mia Walsh, 22, travelling Australia looking at the Sydney Opera house.

To celebrate national Australia day here is why the country has become a popular destination for your winter break and why tourists visit.

National Australia day is a day to celebrate all things about the land ‘down under’ on January 26.

To celebrate like an Aussie on Australia day, why not set up a barbeque, put on the cricket, drink a beer, try a tam-tam biscuit and have a vegemite sandwich.

“You are only young once and I feel like you should experience different cultures and make your own memories before working for the rest of your life.”

Mia walsh, 22

Australia day is about the settlement of the country in 1788 when British ships established the first European settlement.

Since the settlement, recently the country has been a hotspot for travellers and holidays.

The country offers natural wonders, wide open spaces, iconic landmarks, tranquille beaches, open desserts, the great barrier reef and the outback.

Former Nottingham Trent student, Mia Walsh, 22 has recently travelled to Oz, travelling the east coast from Melbourne to Fraser island.

After graduation, Mia has done a year in the industry as a Junior social media executive at MintTwist a marketing agency in London.

She said: “Having gone into work straight after university, I got thrown into the Hussle culture at a very young age and I just wanted to experience what more is out there.”

Mia always grew up with her parents talking about their travels through south Asia, Australia and New Zealand and she wanted to follow in their footsteps and have adventures on her own.

She is celebrating the national day by having three days on the isolated island of Fraser island, looking at the beauty of nature on the Barrier reef island with barbeques and good company.

A group of UK travellers in Fraser island celebrating Australia day (PHOTO CREDIT- Mia Walsh)

Mia decided to book with ‘My adventure project’ which does travel bookings for the East coast of Australia after deciding she needed a break from working life, to follow in her parent’s footsteps and travel across the country’s east coast for six weeks.

From arriving in Melbourne described as the ‘most liveable city’ in Australia to Sydney, known for its arts cultures, Royal Opera House, and stunning beaches which once was a British colony of exiled convicts, has grown to become the most diverse and cosmopolitan city.

Australia has iconic beaches such as the Golden coast, Byron bay, Bondi beach, Fitzroy island, Kangaroo Island, and Fraser island.

Bondi beach in Sydney, Australia. (PHOTO CREDIT- Mia Walsh).

The wonders of the blue mountains in Sydney are a beautiful spot to climb, showcasing eucalyptus waterfalls, and ancient aboriginal rock art, revealing the iconic ‘three sisters’ and breathtaking views.


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The country offers so many diverse cultures such as the aboriginals who are the indigenous people of the Australian mainland.

This Australian Day should be celebrated nationally by just appreciating the wonders of the country and valuing its popularity that brings in tourism as well as its culture and history.

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