Photo of Copper hair (credit Phoebe Colton)

Nottingham-based hairdresser and colour specialist, speaks to CBJ News on her thoughts surrounding why the shade started a social media frenzy and continues to be in demand.

Copper has been one of the most sought-after hair colours of 2022, so it should come as no surprise that the trend has continued into the new year.

The back end of last year saw celebrities such as Kendal Jenner, Sydney Sweeney, and Phoebe Dynevor experiment with the vibrant look, along with their millions of followers hopping on the style.

Imogen Ward-Hammond, 23, Nottingham-based hairdresser and colour specialist, said: “Copper will 100 percent continue into 2023, if anything it will stay trendy right the way through to the end of the year.

“Though I do think a lighter version of copper will be popular in summer time.

“Kendall Jenner had a massive influence at the beginning of this trend, lot’s of my clients still show me pictures as inspiration”.

Imogen went on to confirm that copper is one of the most popular request from her clients and loves the way the style looks on a multitude of people.

The Nottingham based colour specialist highlighted that she loved the colour so much, from seeing it on her clients that she actually fell into the trend herself.

Photo of Copper hair (credit Phoebe Colton)

“Kendall Jenner had a massive influence at the beginning of this trend”

Imogen, 23, Nottingham hair dresser

The key to this colours success lies in the versatility you can create through it’s rich and warm undertones, making the shade a complimentary match on most skin tones.

You can’t go wrong with this glossy colour, if your on the hunt for something statement but still wearable on a day to day basis without screaming bright orange.

Leading hairstylist and Tiktok content creator, Tom Smith, was quick to forecast his predictions on social media back in 2022, when copper first came to light.


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Who would of thought his predictions from last year, would be a viral trend in 2023.

However, the specific shade that is a hot topic at the moment is “Cowgirl copper”.

Tom Smith, spoke to Glamour magazine stating, “the super-rich caramel hues of Western leather, ‘Cowgirl Copper’ is tipped to be the most in-demand hair colour of 2023”.

With many of his predictions proving to be right, will Tom Smith hit the nail on head with this one?

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