Luq Kiongozi makes his professional debut in March

Luq Kiongozi, 23, who is currently a student at Nottingham Trent is set to make his professional boxing debut in March.

Kiongozi fights out of the Bad Boyz gym in Clifton and recently signed for the well-renowned Scot Calow promotions.

Kiongozi fights in the welterweight division and while his opponent is yet to be confirmed, he is hoping to make his debut on the March 4th card at Harvey Hadden Sports Village.

Despite having to balance his studies with his boxing career, he has big ambitions as a boxer.

“Obviously I like to just take things one fight at a time but a longer time goal is becoming British champion in two years”

Kiongozi is at Trent on a boxing scholarship and has a bigger workload than the average student.

“Being a student athlete definitely comes with its challenges, because I like to train 3 times a day so trying to find time to study is very difficult”

“Right now, I’m training for a fight and a big exam at the same time so its definitely tough but I’m a hard-working person so I think I can get it done.”

As a university student, Kiongozi has plenty other career avenues he could go down but has chosen boxing because fighting has always been something that comes naturally to him.

“I probably started boxing when I was about 9 years-old, because I was always fighting outside anyways so everyone told me to go along to a boxing gym”

“When I had been boxing for a little while, I would spar guys that were winning competitions and I hadn’t even had a bout and I would still hold my own, so everyone would tell me I need to start competing”

Kiongozi was born and raised in Northampton and sees boxing as a risk he is willing to take.

“I’m not really worried about the dangers of boxing no, obviously you get nerves before a fight, but for me its just a calculated risk and there are risks in all walks of life, whatever you do, so why not do something I love to do”

Having sparred top professionals in the past, Luq is confident of his chances in the professional ranks.

“I’ve sparred Byan Amos, Josh Gooding and also Liam Davies who is the current European champion, so I definitely learned a lot in those session and it gave me confidence that I should be fighting at that level”.

Kiongozi feels he will bring a loose and pragmatic style that has not been seen often in the professional ranks.

“My style is different, probably not something that has been seen before – I do fight with my hands down sometimes but mainly just to draw my opponent in, but I do have my hands up when I’m in danger too obviously”

Currently in the third year of a business course at Trent, Kiongozi will be looking to win his professional debut and hopefully pick up a degree at the same time.