Nottingham College are expecting lessons to run as normal amid talks of teacher strikes.

Nottinghamshire representatives of the National Educational Union show their agreement towards strike action in England and Wales.

They are preparing for their first national strike day on 1 February.

The NEU says individual schools will be affected for a maximum of four days. Government guidance says schools should stay open if possible.

A Nottingham City representative of NEU East Midlands said: “We’re stealing a detrimental impact on the young peoples futures by the consistent pay cuts and lack of funding.”

Mary Bousted, general secretary of the NEU, said: “We’re no further forward in resolving the dispute.

“It’s not something we want to do at all, but ministers have to now engage seriously and have to begin negotiating.”

A Nottinghamshire representative for NEU East Midlands said: “We are taking away from our children’s education and we are making it harder for our teaching staff and educational staff to support children properly.”

A spokesperson for Nottingham College told CBJTarget that they haven’t been informed about any organised strikes however if the circumstances change students and parents will be notified about disruption to classes.