Vegan food is some of the most colourful and nutrient dense so why ditch it. (Image credit: Victoria Shes, Unsplash)

Veganuary doesn’t have to end when the hashtag stops trending, here’s how to keep a more plant based diet and why it matters.

Veganuary can be a mammoth challenge for anyone who’s not done it before and a highly commendable feat to those who stick it out.

But what happens after January?

Often people are left with huge cravings and fall straight back into their old diet without keeping some of the hugely beneficial practices that come with being vegan.

Not to mention the fallout on local vegan businesses when the hustle of Veganuary stops and their amount of customers rapidly depletes.

cooking with plant based ingerdients only can lead to extremely colourful and flavourful dishes. (image credit, Maarten van de Heuvel, Pexels)

The good thing is veganism doesn’t just mean tofu and a McPlant, as anyone who actually stuck to Veganuary would know.

Plant based and vegan diets can lead to being way more creative in the kitchen and finding fun, new and flavourful ways to get that protein in.

Why go vegan?

Obviously it lowers animal cruelty, by not eating animal products, less animals are exploited for their produce, over bread and then killed.

Apart from this while the world is in the midst of the worst climate crisis to date, going vegan can reduce your food carbon footprint by 73% and save 1,100 gallons of water each day.

Veganism can massively reduce your carbon footprint

The environmental benefits go on and on, as do the health kicks; a largescale 2019 study found an increase in plant based food sand a decrease in animal products consumption can lead to a much lower risk of heart disease.

Other research suggests that going vegan lowers the risk of some cancers and type-two diabetes.

Honour your cravings! (kind of)

Just because it’s plant based, doesn’t mean having to eat healthy all the time.

If you’re deeply craving a burger and cheesy chips there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a browse on your favourite takeaway app.

The amount of vegan and plant based fast food restaurants on the platform Deliveroo alone has seen a 117% increase, with the number of vegan and vegan friendly restaurants reaching 1500 as of last year, making it the fastest and largest growing category on the app.

Vegan Takeaway has massively grown on takeaway sites such as Deliveroo

With big name’s like Wagamama’s committing to making 50% of their menu vegan, this sustainable and ethical diet has never been more accessible or similar to that of the carnivores’.

With vegan foods from names you love and reimagined classics, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to a plant based takeaway.

Incredible vegan eateries in Nottingham

What pops in Notts? Nottingham is home to some incredible vegan businesses with the likes of Prickly Pear and 13th Element serving some dirty gourmet burgers and seriously loaded fries.

Or if it’s a sweet treat you’re after Doughnotts have some deliciously indulgent donuts that are totally vegan.

If you’re not a junkfood-aholic and prefer a cleaner diet then Notts can do that too!

CleanCut Kitchen in Hockley, the epicentre of all Nottingham’s sustainable and vegan friendly businesses, boasts a large menu of veggie and vegan options including tofu kebabs, build your own ‘clean living’ protein boxes, smoothies and vegan breakfast options.

Money, Money, Money

A common misconception is that going vegan means a more expensive diet.

If all you’re buying and consuming is plant based meat alternatives, then sure your weekly shop might go up a bit but going plant based or vegan means you don’t have to buy any meat at all and can actually make your shopping cheaper.

Lucy Alderton runs a vegan food blog on Instagram where she posts plant based recipes and bakes. image credit Lucy Alderton

A cheap and easy way to get protein into your meals is chickpeas and nuts.

Curries don’t have be lamb or chicken, a chickpea and potato curry can actually pack a punch just as big for a fraction of the cost.

Additionally, if you pack your meals out with more vegetables, then your diet becomes much more nutrient dense and far better for you.

Vegan food blogger Lucy Alderton (@looobyfood) is a student in Nottingham and has put together a myriad of delicious and cost cutting plant based recipes on her Instagram page including a rich mushroom risotto with caramelised red onions and plant based lentil Moussaka.

Visit Lucy’s Instagram: