Rachael Gray (left) interviewing Megan Lewis (right)

National Compliment Day is an awareness day that encourages people to compliment others as a way to connect and be positive.

starting in 1998, Kathy Chamberlain and Debby Hoffyman decided to dedicate a day to complimenting others as a way of spreading kindness and positivity.

National Compliment Day is on January 24 every year.

The idea is that by making someone else feel good, you feel better about yourself; studies suggest that compliments as a form of praise may help when it comes to learning new behaviours and cognitive skills

Compliment day acts as a reminder to spread kindness to anyone, for both the big and little reasons: hair, outfit, their cooking, work or even just their character.

A unique compliment will go a long way, especially when it is honest and sincere. Some students at CBJ have taken to social media to spread awareness of National Compliment Day by complimenting their fellow peers:


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