Beeston Round Table spread cheer around Bramcote area. (Credit: Adam Eaton)
Beeston Round Table spread cheer around Bramcote area. (Credit: Adam Eaton)

A Beeston based charity organisation is appealing to the public for donations to keep their 40-year-long tradition alive.

The Beeston Round Table Santa sleigh had been in service for 40-years, raising roughly £7,500 per year, and £300,000 across its lifetime.

The round table have taken to social media to request donations to rebuild a new Santa sleigh after the former broke down last December.

Every year, the round table take to the streets of Beeston and its neighbouring areas to spread Christmas cheer and raise money for local based organisations.

Round table member and Civil Servant, Ash Gardner, 32, said: “It was sad but also expected that the sleigh eventually gave out, as it was really only a matter of time.

“Just wear and tear over the years had taken it’s toll”

When asked about what charitable donations towards rebuilding the sleigh means to the round table, Gardner said: “It’s fantastic, really really motivating.

“We see all of these donations come through and it makes us so proud to see everyone coming together and show how much they care about us and Santa.”

He continued: “The money means that we’ll be able to get a customised trailer which adheres to driving safety regulations and therefore means we can make the absolute most out of the generous donations of the public.”

The Beeston Round Table Santa sleigh is the organisation’s only source of income, and is solely responsible for the charitable donations towards local groups.

After making temporary repairs to the broken sleigh, the round table went on to raise £5,000, £7,000 less than the previous year.

As of writing, £3,000 has been raised towards the £6,000 goal for a brand new sleigh.

Funds can be donated here: Crowdfunding to Help Rebuild Santas Sleigh on JustGiving