(Credit: Pexels) Photo by: Amanda Reed

Almost everyday is a national-something day, but January 23 has is lucky enough to have three.

It makes me wonder, have ‘National Day’ events gone too far and become meaningless.

If everyday is a celebration of some weird and abstract idea, doesn’t that make the important national days like International Women’s Day fall out of relevance.

That being said, from hobbies, food and appreciating your boss, here is our guide on what you can do in Nottingham to get involved in the fun, and whether or not these days should even exist.

  1. National Pie Day
Pieminster serves high-quality pies all year round, don’t wait until National Pie Day to give it a try.

First appearing in twelfth century England, pie remains a British classic so well loved it has earned it’s own holiday.

Whether the crust is flaky or crunchy, whether the filling is fruit or meat, today is the day to eat them all.

Thankfully, if you’re looking for your fix of pie, you are in the right place.

Nottingham is home to Pieminister which serves award-winning pies, including plant-based and gluten-free choices, so everyone can take part.

As a pie lover, whilst I see the silliness behind devoting a whole day to carbs and meat, I can’t really complain as it gives me the excuse to pig out on pie.

2. National Handwriting Day

Handwriting is a great hobby for practicing concentration and improving memory.

Celebrated on January 23, the birthday of John Hancock who was the first man to sign the Declaration of Independence.

However, just because it has roots in American history doesn’t mean we cant take part in the fun here in Nottingham.

Why not celebrate by heading down to Strelley on the bus and take part in some calligraphy classes at Created By Hand, a gift shop and space for developing handwriting skills.

Whilst handwriting is important ( I’m looking at you doctors ) I’m not sure it needs a whole day devoted to it when it’s something most of us do everyday.

3. Community Manager Appreciation 

Today encourages you to show some extra care for your manager and the work they do. (Credit : Pexels ) Photo by: Christina Morillo

Perhaps the strangest day we’re celebrating today is ‘Community Manager Appreciation’ day.

For those who don’t know what a community manager is their role in a business is to act as the bridge between a brand and the community it is aiming to create.

In the spirit of the day, why not show your appreciation by treating your community manager to a pie, or handwrite them a card telling them you are thankful for the work they do.

This day was definitely started by a disgruntled Community Manager somewhere.

This event is so obscure and random, but I suppose you could argue it promotes a more mindful workplace, but isn’t that something we should be working towards anyway without needing a national day to remind us.

4. What’s coming up ?

There is some truly weird and wonderful national days coming soon and here are just a few:

January 26- Clashing Clothes Day is a day where you’ll be encouraged to dress in clashing clothing items from head to toe.

For a cheap way to celebrate head to one of Nottingham’s many independent vintage clothing shops like ‘Cow’ in Hockley.

February 18- Great Backyard Bird Count Day is a globally celebrated day where you can spot birds and keep a tally of the types you see.

In Nottingham we are lucky enough to have forests and parks aplenty, so get yourself down to Sherwood Forest or Wollaton Hall with a pair of binoculars.

This is a day I can get behind, it promotes a healthy hobby like birdwatching and gives you the perfect excuse to get out the house and take a walk in nature.

March 2- National Old Stuff Day is the perfect excuse for you to clean out your closets and garages and declutter your life.

Overall some national days should stay on our calendars, like World Health Day, Human Rights Day and World Environment Day, as they raise awareness