Sewing supplies are ubiquitous at any good craft store and are available in a range of colours and styles (Cariad Wooster)

Visible mending has become a social media trend in recent months, with more and more people showing off stylish ways to mend clothes and highlight the mistake instead of hiding it.

As people try to save money, many people are choosing to repair clothes instead of buying them new.

One important aspect of this is learning how to mend rips and cover holes, a skill that is incredibly easy to pick up, yet few people actually learn.

It is relatively simple, only requiring a needle, thread and occasionally an embroidery hoop at the most.

To truly stick to being both thrifty and climate conscious, here are some places in Nottingham you can look for supplies instead of ordering them online.

1. The Works

Located across from The Exchange, The Works is often the first store that comes to mind for craft supplies (credit Cariad Wooster)

If you’re in the market for any craft supplies, whether that’s paints, ribbons or needles and thread, you needn’t look further than The Works.

There are two in Nottingham, located on Long Row and in the Victoria Centre.

It has plenty of visible mending supplies, including brightly-coloured embroidery thread and wooden hoops, with a pack of 30 different thread colours costing you just £3.

The only thing they were missing were needles, which can be easily found elsewhere.

Whilst they have a small range (there was only one size of hoop and one pack of threads,) the prices are very fair, especially for someone just getting started with mending or needlework.

2. The Bead Shop

The Bead Shop’s jewellery making supplies double up as visible mending supplies (credit Cariad Wooster)

Located just off the Market Square, The Bead Shop is a locally owned store containing a multitude of craft supplies, mostly focused on jewellery making and- obviously- beads, but there is a substantial haberdashery section as well, containing embroidery hoops, a selection of thread and needles.

Whilst the thread colours are slightly limiting, there is a good range of colours, and they come from DMC, one of the world’s leading thread and yarn manufacturers.

Whilst the prices are a little more expensive than The Works, this is a one-stop shop for everything you need to get started.

If you choose to start getting creative with your mending, you can also pick up a variety of beads as well.

3. Creative Craft Corner

Newly opened, Creative Craft Store has everything you need and more to get started with visible mending and needlework (credit Cariad Wooster)

This locally owned store on Queens Street has everything you could ever think of to get you mending quickly.

They carry a wide range of DMC embroidery threads, with well over a hundred on one display alone.

As well as this, they carry plenty of regular threads, needles and a range of hoop sizes.

They even sell aida fabric to create your own cross-stitched patches, or a wide range of different fabrics in all sorts of colours to create an embroidered patch in a jacket or a pair of jeans.

On top of all of this, the prices are very fair for the products, and there are plenty of other supplies to look at once you’ve got to grips with the basics.

4. Hobby craft

Another classic craft store, this one is a little further out of the city, located in West Bridgford, but is sure to carry everything you could ever want in terms of sewing.

Whilst they sell everything needed individually, you can also pick up sewing kits, which will come with the basics and more including pins, measuring tape, scissors, and floss bobbins to keep your threads organised.

Here, a pack of 36 DMC thread colours will set you back £15, which is higher than The Works, but of a higher quality as well.

If you really want to go all in, you can get 100 thread colours for only £20.

If you don’t mind making the trip, this is definitely a place to check out for the essentials.