Trans protesters gather around Brian Clough Statue (Credit: Adam Eaton)
Trans protesters gather around Brian Clough Statue (Credit: Adam Eaton)

Trans community Nottingham Against Transphobia gathered in unity to protest the recent government decision to block Scotland’s Gender Recognition Reform Act which was passed last December.

The government decision which was made last Tuesday (January 17) was met with uproar from the trans community, who spontaneously organised the protest at Brian Clough Statue on Sunday (January 22).

Around 100 people turned up to show their solidarity towards both Scotland and the trans community, giving speeches as well as singing and chanting.

Nottingham Against Transphobia co-leader Jennifer Kaye said: “I’m very proud of both the trans community and the trans allies as well for coming out here to protest at such a short notice.

“I think it’s disgusting what the government have done.

“They want to attack trans people and trans rights and vilify us again. But they’ve also decided to go against Scotland’s democratic rights.”

Protesters listening to Nottingham Against Transphobia co-leader Anna Preston
Protesters listening to Nottingham Against Transphobia co-leader Anna Preston (Credit: Adam Eaton)

She continued: “I was very pleased at Scotland’s bill passing in December.

“It’s a massive step forward for trans rights in Scotland, being able to get a gender recognition certificate without going through all the laborious medical process.”

The decision to block the bill is the first time a Scottish law has been blocked for affecting UK-wide law.

Nottingham Against Transphobia co-leader Anna Preston said: “The legal manoeuvre that the government used with Section 35 was just so flimsy and ridiculous.

“And it just feels like they’re spinning their wheels, because they’ve lost control.”

The Scottish government is expected to challenge the ruling.

When asked if they thought other UK countries would follow Scotland, Anna said: “I believe they will, yeah.

“The thing is, basically, we as a Western European nation have done it already.

“England is just very stand out, and it’s very strange with the amount of transphobia that we have in our government.”

Nottingham East MP Nadia Whittome was unable to attend the protest, however did send a letter reading: “I’m sorry I can’t be with you today, but I’m so proud that people in Nottingham are standing against this government’s appalling decision to block the Scottish Gender Recognition Reform bill.

“In blocking this bill, the Tory government has decided to use the trans community to fight a culture war and a battle over devolution.

“They do not care about the pain and trauma that their actions will cause

“But by coming today you’ve shown that you do care, that you will not let the Tories get away with this, and that you will stand by one another.

“As we enter another dark chapter, where trans people yet again are vilified by the government and in the media, this is more important than ever.

“So thank you for being here today, and I promise you that I will continue to stand up and fight for trans rights in parliament.”

Nottingham Against Transphobia have said that they will continue to fight for trans rights in future protests whenever necessary.

Image: Adam Eaton