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Jabz Hair & Cosmetics hair care selection for curly hair

It’s no secret curly hair takes a lot of time, effort and money to maintain whilst also upkeeping your luscious locks shine and health.

Having curly hair isn’t cheap nor easy, finding that sweet spot of the perfect product that does the job, whilst fits the budget can be challenging.

Spending that extra time in the morning may be a nightmare whilst trying to master your flawless curly hair routine but essential in the long run.

Maz Khan, an employee at Jabz Hair & Cosmetics, said: “The routine is a bit harder compared to normal hair because curly hair goes dry really quickly.

“You have to style your hair everyday, that’s for sure.

“If you leave it the next day you will see your hair is really dry.”

Maz recommended products within the store for those struggling to style their hair.

So here they are (with a guide on styling your curls too).

1. Shea Moisture

Shea Moisture
Shea Moisture products in Jabz Hair & Cosmetics

Shea Moisture is an all natural range of curly hair products, that Maz highly recommends to those looking for products to use.

The brand has creams, conditioners, mousse’s, sprays and masque’s.

Maz said: “It’s good for all sorts of hair, even if it’s curly and chemically processed or damaged.

“It really works for the hair, the reviews are like five stars and it’s one of the best sellers online, in retail, everywhere.”

The products start at around £10.99 for a shampoo or conditioner.

2. Design Essentials

Design Essentials
Design Essentials (top left corner)

Design Essentials is another recommended product to use on curly hair.

It’s all natural, similarly to Shea Moisture and is free of sulphates, silicones, and parabens.

For those with curly hair it’s best to avoid shampoos with silicones in it because this can cause build ups on your curls and weigh the strands sown as well as cause dryness.

This means Design Essentials curly hair range is okay to use on your hair, and works well on dry, brittle, or damaged hair.

Maz said: “It’s also one of the best ranges.”

The products include a shampoo priced at £10.99.

3. Cantu

Cantu’s hair products range

Cantu was the third brand recommended in Jabz Hair & Cosmetics.

The brand itself is good for dry, damaged hair caused by chemical processes such as dye, colour and bleach.

Unlike the other two, Cantu isn’t all natural, there is a blend of natural and chemical ingredients.

The brand has a natural hair cleansing cream for £7.

4. Mielle

Mielle was the fourth and final brand recommended by Maz.

The hair masque was highly recommended to those who weren’t wanting to invest in shampoos and conditioners.

Maz also uses some of the products himself, including an oil.

Their products include a co-wash, which doesn’t strip natural oils, at £12.99.

5. Routine

Photo Credit: Chill Jane (Pexels)

Every person with curly hair needs a routine, which should include cleansing without shampoo (aka the ‘no poo’ method), which can be done with water and conditioner or a cleansing balm, and if shampoo is used only focus on the root.

Then you should condition the ends before moving onto styling.

Products should be layered, starting with a leave-in conditioner to add moisture and detangle hair, then add a mousse or foam and styling cream to reduce frizz and lift the hair at the root (mousse or foam).

Styling cream should be added from the middle to the ends and then a gel to lock in all the moisture and define the curls.

An oil can be added if more moisture is needed.

Once you’ve added your products you can use a hand or t-shirt (which is softer than a towel) to scrunch (squeeze the curls) and dry your hair, or a diffuser hair dryer, but be careful not to damage your hair.