"We Just Clicked" created by Wilkes (pictured) is not an online dating platform, it is a system that allows a unique dating profile to be created, that can then be used for the wishes of that person. (Photo Credit: Gemma Wilkes)

Speed dating a bit too nineties? Struggling to get the perfect shot? Dating apps not personal enough? Date away from social media apps with Notts’ ‘not so new’ dating…

“We Just Clicked” is a service that helps single people create first impressions that stand out from the crowd – established in 2016 by Nottingham born and bred Gemma Wilks, this online platform allows singletons to portray themselves as naturally and as well executed as possible.

The service revamps dating profiles and takes them to the next level.

Wilks, who aspires to ‘abolish the bathroom selfie’ organises dating profile photo shoots and writes dating profiles that demonstrate individuality of character setting people aside from the rest.

She said: “It’s definitely not like speed dating as it is an actual profile, no different from a LinkedIn profile, which captures real and eye-catching photographs- no one captures it like a real photographer.

“The most popular demographic for “We Just Clicked” is straight men aged 40-50- my clients tend to be divorced or have come out of long relationships, they have tried online dating or speed dating but it’s too ‘faceless’ for them, this concept shows the real them.

“Although speed dating is a form of dating still needed, this format is less rigid in terms of age ranges, formality and time frame where you can actually chat and get to know each other.”

“We Just Clicked” can be summarised as a “real, eye-catching, and a refreshing change to the normal styles of dating”

Lead Photographer and profile writer, Gemma wilks

Wilks has also created an add on to ‘We Just Clicked’ business called “Single and Mingles” designed for people who want to meet in person and try something different.

These successful ‘Singles and Mingles’ nights in Nottingham, these casual laid back evenings introduces people together the old fashioned way without screens or apps.

The singles nights are real romance catalysts for singletons with anxiety and apprehension about getting into the dating game again, as there are optional icebreakers and games from bingo to ‘would you rather’, or just a time to gather and have a conversation with someone who tickles your fancy.

“The evenings are currently heterosexual, but I am looking to set up LGBT evenings too.”

With Valentines Day fast approaching, there is a “Singles and Mingles” special edition Valentines social on February 11 at the Lace House Nottingham.

Gemma Wilks, lead photographer and profile writer, offers a mini photo shoot for £299, a midi photo shoot for £399 and a platinum profile revamp for £999. (Photo Credit: Gemma Wilks)

The evening, intended to boost confidence and matchmake, is a Nottingham charity event, which offers refreshments, a DJ, dance lessons and prizes.

The special Valentines “Singles and Mingles” event is priced at £59.95.

Wilkes, with intention to expand her business to other cities across the UK, says her busiest time is ‘spring, summer and when the sun is shining’, so these socials definitely boost business morale. She believes “We Just Clicked” can be summarised as a “real, eye-catching, and a refreshing change to the normal styles of dating”.

For more information on the dating profile revamps, visit https://www.wejustclicked.uk/dating-photos/

For the singles and mingles evenings, see https://www.singleandmingle.uk/party

Photo Credit: Gemma Wilks