The Red Arrows showcase the excellence of the RAF and represent the United Kingdom both at home and overseas (Credits: Nottinghamshire Police)

The famous RAF Red Arrows are flying in Nottinghamshire airspace and police are warning drone users to stay away from RAF Syerston, near Newark while they use the area.

Restrictions have been put in place as a safety precaution to prevent any unwanted surprises as the county welcomes the Red Arrows.

These restrictions will be in place until April 7, banning all aircraft including drones from a five-mile radius around the RAF base.

Nottinghamshire Police have described this as a Temporary Danger Area (TDA) and therefore anyone caught flying their devices during published training times could face criminal charges.

(Credits: Nottinghamshire Police)

Chief drone pilot at Nottinghamshire Police, Sergeant Vince Saunders, said: “Drones can be great fun to fly but they can also pose a significant danger to low flying aircraft.

“With the world-famous Red Arrows display team now operating in the skies above Nottinghamshire, we are reminding all users to take additional care about where and when they fly.”

“A drone operator in Buxton, Derbyshire, was recently convicted of endangering a flight by the RAF’s Battle of Britain Memorial Flight and we are keen to avoid any similar incidents in Nottinghamshire,” he added.

Although it is exciting that the Red arrows will be flying in Nottinghamshire it is also important drone users follow restrictions from the county police.

In 2019 we had the honour of watching the Red arrows fly over Nottingham Trent University to celebrate 40 years of innovation at Nottingham Business School.

If this advice does apply to anyone please follow it with caution and respect their arrival for your safety and theirs.

If pilots are unsure where they are able to fly they are urged to visit

This website will allow pilots to identify the location of a Flight Restriction Zone to avoid any danger and potential criminal charges.