Hannah Aldred, @hannahaldredmakeup on Instagram, struggles to see how the smokey eye will make it's return to everyday looks and tips on what she's excited to see. (Photo Credit: Hannah Aldred)

As the cold mornings and dark nights draw to a close, so do the Winter and Autumn trends from 2022.

This year we are saying goodbye to bleached brows and the bare faced makeup era.

Bold makeup is back and it’s here to stay. Usually reserved for the winter months, smoky eyes and dark lips are set to return instead in the sunnier days of the year – essentially the opposite of the trends that runways and influencers had hopped on in late 2022.

Hannah Aldred, a Nottingham based makeup artist said: “With a smoky eye, I struggle to envision how people will bring this into their everyday looks as  I’ve always used it as a glam, night-time look.

“It’s always been such a bold look that I’ve used on clients for their birthday and going out makeup, rather than for myself or for everyday.”

The self proclaimed beauty fanatic also spoke on how she favours the minimalist look that has taken over people’s makeup routines in the past year and wants this to continue into Spring.

Minimal makeup base looks are set to remain popular, thanks to TikTok changing the idea of what ‘soft glam’ can be, with light foundation and no dark contour or highlight.

Instead, swap out your bright highlight for some liquid blush from your favourite beauty brand, as predictions come in for bright ‘super blush’ being a key part in everyone’s routines.

Revolution cosmetics, MUA and Missguided are just a few of the high-street brands you can find in Superdrug and Boots that have hopped onto creating bright liquid blushes and getting these in your makeup bag now before Spring begins is highly recommended, before they are swiped from the shelves.

Boots and Superdrug are some of the most popular high-street makeup shops in Nottingham that Hannah uses. (Photo Credit: Fastily on Wikimedia Commons, cropped)

However, blush has not always been an essential part in Hannah’s makeup routine. It wasn’t until last year that she started to experiment with using it everyday to create a brighter toned look – and she can see it being a massive trend this upcoming season thanks to practice and social media.

“I used to be scared to use any blush.” Hannah explained

“But recently I’ve been experimenting and worked out what shades work best with my skin, and seeing bright, eye-catching blushes predicted to be trending this year is so exciting and I am definitely ready to try both liquid and powder blushes in all of my looks.”

Get ready for the change in trending beauty tips and tricks this season, and possibly return back to your old makeup bag for those classic smoky eye palettes from 2015.

Photo Credit: Hannah Aldred & Wikimedia Commons