This will be the third year the awards have been running. (Credit: Nottinghamshire Police)

Nottinghamshire Police’s Youth Outreach team have opened nominations today for the Live Our Best Life Awards.

The awards are open to anyone aged between eight and eighteen who lives or goes to school in Nottinghamshire, and they’re aimed at recognising the incredible hard work and fantastic achievements from young people who have shown incredible resilience, selflessness, or have done something inspirational throughout the last year.

In total six awards are up for grabs with the winners set to win a series of gifts including an all-inclusive ceremony featuring live entertainment, guest speakers, a trophy, an iPad, gift voucher and a trip to Nottinghamshire Police’s dog unit.

The awards up for grabs include:

Lyrico Steede Award – awarded to a young person who may have been involved in gangs, knife crime or any other forms of criminality but has made significant progress and inspired others.

Rising Above Adversity Award – goes to a young person who despite their background or upbringing are an inspiration to others.

Young Leader of the Year Award – awarded to a young person who is leading by example and is a role model to their peers through student, sport, or youth work.

Young Performer of the Year Award – goes to someone who has displayed amazing talents such as singing, dancing, rapping, acting and anything creative.

Bringing People Together Award – awarded to a person who has tried to bring the community together or fought to eradicate hate or racism.

Young Inspiration Award – awarded to someone who has done something inspirational and shown incredible resilience or something selfless to help others.

Nottinghamshire Police’s youth outreach worker, Romel Davis launched the awards in 2021 in a bid to shine a light on all the hard and inspirational work being done by young people in Nottinghamshire.

He said: “This is the third year the awards have been running and each year they have just gone from strength to strength.

“We understand young people can sometimes be stigmatised and the goal of these awards and working alongside the youngsters is to try and stamp that out and show how amazing they can be.”

“the goal of these awards… (is to) show how amazing they can be.”

Romel Davis, Nottinghamshire Police’s youth outreach worker

The awards form just one part of Nottinghamshire Police’s ongoing work in local communities to celebrate and give opportunities for young people as part of the force’s youth outreach team working, educating, and helping youngsters in Nottinghamshire.

Nominations close on Friday, March 10 before a panel of specially chosen judges sit down and choose the six winners.