A pamper evening is the best way to spend your solo Valentine's Day. (Unsplash)(Image by Kieana Rochelle Mainor.)

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and for many singletons it can be very challenging.

With couples to your left, right and centre, it can be difficult when you feel like you are missing out on all the lovey-dovey festivities.

Being in a relationship or not doesn’t have to determine whether you can take part in all the fun.

It is important to remember that Valentine’s Day is just like any other day.

Treat it like another self care day and take yourself out on a solo date without shame.

There are many things you can do for your solo date in the comfort of your own home or in the beautiful city of Nottingham.

First things first, always romanticise your life, as it can be a good distraction from all the cheese around you.

Whether that’s going to a cosy cafe for a coffee, doing a face mask at home or taking yourself on a scenic walk around Wollaton Park, appreciate the little things you do during the day.

Whilst you romanticise your life, buy yourself some flowers.

Treat yourself to some flowers to brighten up your Valentine’s Day. (Image: Claire Doyle.)

You don’t have to wait around for someone else to buy you flowers.

At the end of the day, they are just another decoration for your home, so buy a colourful bouquet to brighten up your environment and bring some light into your day.

Moving on into the evening, have a pamper night to relax and de-stress.

Take a well deserved bubble bath and light some candles; pour yourself a glass of wine and play some music or have your favourite film on in the background.

There’s no shame in wrapping yourself up in a blanket with a tub of Ben and Jerry’s whilst watching your favourite movies and TV shows.

Carrying on the theme of shameless self care, book yourself into a fancy restaurant for a meal for one.

If you are feeling awkward, bring along a book and some headphones to keep you occupied.

There are many restaurants that we recommend in Nottingham.

For a nice romantic feel, try Sexy Mama Loves Spaghetti in Hockley.

Sexy Mama Loves Spaghetti is a chill and intimate vibe for Valentine’s Day. (Image: Claire Doyle.)

It is a fantastic, independently owned Italian restaurant with a cosy intimate vibe and floral displays to inject some romance into your single life.

Or if you want to shy away from the romantics for the night, try Zapp near the City Centre serving authentic Thai food.

But if a meal for one isn’t your thing, there are many bars scattered around the city that will be perfect.

Revolution in Hockley is a perfect place for solo date drinks. (Image: Claire Doyle.)

Revolution have fun themed cocktails like ‘Mean Girl’, ‘Zombie’, ‘French Kiss Martini’ and many more.

For a more chilled atmosphere, try a small local pub such as The Organ Grinder in Radford.

Whatever you decide to do, remember that it is ok to be alone on Valentine’s Day and that romance doesn’t need to come from another person.

Romance can easily come from yourself and your own company.