Adam Keating (pictured) was a fan of former restaurant Antalya on Forman Street. (Image: Macy Miller.)

A new Turkish inspired restaurant is set to open on Forman Street in a few weeks time, brought to you by the owner of Ohannes Burgers.

Turkish restaurant, Antanyla, closed its doors two years ago due to unforeseen circumstances and have remained firmly shut since.

However, it is now set to open under the new name Temola by the owner of Ohannes Burger, a chain restaurant that can be found across Nottinghamshire including Beeston, Arnold and Hucknall.

On a survey article published by Uni Fresher, Antalya was voted third best Turkish restaurant in Nottingham, so Temola has big shoes to fill!

Car Salesman, Adam Keating was one of their many fans, he said: “The food at Atlanya was always incredible.

“Hopefully the new restaurant will be up to the same standard because I was devastated when I heard Atlanya was closing.”

A new restaurant, Temola, on Forman street is undergoing renovations to open in around three weeks. (Image: Macy Miller.)

The restaurant has undergone lots of renovation, including a new private dining area on the first floor.

They will serve breakfast, brunch, fresh desserts, coffee and a chicken-based menu all based on Turkish foods with inspiration from world cuisine.

Will Kelly, 21, a student and self proclaimed foodie says: “I can’t wait to give the new restaurant a go.

“Turkish is one of my favourite cuisines so I will definitely be paying it a visit when it opens.”

It is believed that the new restaurant should be opening in around three weeks.

Ohannes Burgers have seven restaurants across Nottingham, including: Arnold, City Centre, Hucknall, Sherwood, Ilkeston, Beeston and Mansfield.

They have two more outside of Nottingham in Liverpool and Preston.

They serve 14 different burgers, with a selection sides and milkshakes.