'Galentines' is a perfect way to spend time with your besties can be a night out or night playing card games and drinking wine. (Image: Alice Oblyschuk.)

Ditch the cheap chocolates and that familiar ache in the chest when Valentine’s rolls around because there’s a new main character, and she’s called Galentine’s.

While the couples are busy buying into the commercial world of Valentines, when February 13 rolls around, the rest of us get to celebrate freedom and friendship.

“I’ve also burnt stuff my ex got me previously and it was very healing but I’m past that now, I just want to chill with my friends.”

Amelie Jones, NTU student 

When popular TV show Parks and Recreation and it’s iconic character Leslie Knope coined ‘Galentine’s’ back in 2010, it’s quickly grown into a pretty big deal.

Rather than the overpriced cards, chocolates and busy restaurants the *single girls, guys and everyone in-between are celebrating friendship and singledom without the pressure of impressing a partner or securing a date.

*Don’t get us wrong, anyone with a significant other should definitely get involved as well but this article isn’t for you and to be honest we’re just a little bit jealous you get to enjoy both.

Our recommendation? Get that Tesco’s meal deal for two and that bottle of rose and invite your nearest and dearest over.

The best part about Galentine’s day is that you don’t even have to leave the house to celebrate so here are some ideas for how to spend Galentine’s for all the sober queens and wine guzzlers:

  • Create a shared playlist for you and your pals so you can all add your favourite tunes, whether you’re in the mood for some PinkPanthress, Adele or maybe some old school Black Eyed Peas, you can have a little singalong.
  • Get in some paint supplies, I’m sure most of us have seen that TikTok trend where friends swap paintings every ten minutes, even if like me you’re artistically challenged it’s a super fun activity to do.
  • Go for cocktails! Put together a fun outfit that makes you feel good and post that selfie on your story in your favourite mirror (we all have one let’s face it.)
  • Exchange care packages with friends; put all their favourite treats and pamper supplies in a shoebox, basket, even a paper bag and show your friends how well you know them.
  • Go axe throwing! There are two axe throwing venues in Nottingham and Axed Global in the city centre’s Cornerhouse even has it’s own bar with two for ten cocktails!

Nottingham Trent first year student Luiza Ellor said: “I’ll be having some decent food, a bottle of Bordeaux and card games!”

Even though Luiza has a boyfriend of two years she still felt it was important to spend time with her friends.

Amelie and her girlfriends out for drinks in Nottingham. (Image: Amelia Jones)

There’s nothing more cathartic than a room full of women celebrating their companionship, giving and receiving advice and just enjoying each other’s company.

Galentine’s is the perfect opportunity to celebrate all the best parts of being single: learning to love yourself, undisputed time with friends and taking control of your life.

Another Nottingham student Amelie Jones, 20, said: “Yeah I’ll probably have a wine and movie night, some good , gossip and watch Bridget Jones.

“I’ve also burnt stuff my ex got me previously and it was very healing but I’m past that now, I just want to chill with my friends.”