The LGBTQ+ Trickies before a Nottingham Forest game. (Credit: LGBTQ+ Trickies)

A Nottingham Forest supporters group has condemned the homophobic slurs that have marred the last two games at the City Ground, and called for all clubs to unify to grow against a persistent problem.

During their Carabao Cup tie, sections of the Wolverhampton supporters were shouting homophobic slurs directed towards Forest fans and players.

A 53-year-old Wolverhampton fan was arrested after the homophobic language was overheard by other fans.

At the next Premier League game against Chelsea a section of Forest supporters aimed disrespectful chants towards Chelsea players.

The recent incidents have prompted the LGBTQ+ Trickies, a supporter wing of Nottingham Forest, to call upon the clubs, and football authorities to act.

David Edegley, of the LGBTQ+ Trickies and the Notts LGBT+ Network, said: “The action taken after the recent Forest v. Wolves match was a step in the right direction, i.e. the offender was arrested.

“In my opinion, the only way to move towards eliminating homophobia in football is to have a consistent and well-publicised policy across all teams.

“If your behaviour is homophobic or racist and you are identified, you will be named, shamed and banned and, where possible, prosecuted.

“Unfortunately, men’s football remains as probably the most homophobic of sports”.

For support within Nottingham for LGBTQ+ communities, including sport, the LGBTQ+ Network provide ‘information’ and ‘support’.

The Charity provides a bimonthly Nottingham Queer Bulletin and a helpline run by trained volunteers.

The aim is trying to help reduce isolation and improve the mental well-being of its members, along with providing a community.

Information is also available on non-alcoholic social events, many of which include healthy physical activities.

For more information on the LGBTQ+ Support Network, e-mail:

If you wish to join the LGBTQ+ supporters wing of Nottingham Forest, the LGBTQ+ Trickies, you can follow them on Twitter at @LGBTQ+TRICKIES, or email them at: