Amanda Hyde at the Open Kitchen food bank

The Open Kitchen food bank celebrated their one year anniversary in December 2022, serving people seven days a week at Mansfield Road, Nottingham.

The food bank is owned by an organisation called Muslim Hands, an international aid agency and non-profit organisation (NGO).

They are dedicated to tackling the root causes of poverty around the world.

The food bank helps and support the homeless and needy in various ways and it is not funded by the government.

Amanda Hyde, 49, volunteer, from St Anns, said: “We serve hot meals every day, we are open seven days a week and serve different meals.

“There is also a timetable for what we give each day of the week and if we have any left towards closing time we give them a second plate.”

She added: “It has been brilliant working here and serving people and helping out.”

Amanda says the cost of living crisis has impacted the food bank.

Amanda added: “The cost of living crisis has impacted us, we used to have a few meals in a day but now we have had to increase the meals to 150 a day.

“We have also got more people come in this winter than in the summer.

“When we don’t have anymore meals we give them a pot of noodles.

“It might not be a lot but we try to help them as much as we can.”

“The food bank has been of great HELP, it helps me out when I am in  need”


John Hall, 35, who uses the food bank regularly, said: “I have been using this food bank for six months.

“The food bank has been of great help, it helps me out when I am in need.

“I only have a certain amount of money that I can spend, I don’t use the food bank every day unless I have nothing else to eat.”

The food bank has been running since December 2021.