Ha Giang Loop Tour, Asia, photo taken by Chance Holmes

As we enter the new year, with holiday deals flooding your screens, the travel market is in full swing as we try to beat those January blues.

While the idea of making your holiday more sustainable may seem a daunting prospect, striking that balance between satisfying your holiday necessities and being eco-friendly may not be as challenging as you think.

With sustainability and climate change being hot topics, people’s awareness of green and eco-friendly holidays was at an all-time high last year.

78 percent of travellers chose to stay in accommodations that had greater benefits to the environment according to research and statistics from Statista.

Whether your opting for a UK staycation or planning on making those green choices on your travels abroad this summer, every little helps when reducing carbon emissions globally.

The UK staycation-

St Ives, Cornwall, Photo by Masie Edmond

Although the post-pandemic staycation craze has started to fade, the appeal to travel outside the country has emerged again over the last year.

That being said, reducing how far you travel is a good way to start by making your holiday more eco-friendly, therefore staycations are a viable alternative for those wishing to have a break whilst still being environmentally conscious.

Interact with local culture-

Photo by Chance Holmes

Immersing yourself in local culture, by seeking out activities and accommodation in the area you are traveling to is another way you can support local businesses and ensure your money goes to people who will benefit from your support as a tourist.

Ditch the car- 

Hawaii, Photo taken by Chance Holmes

Scrap the car, optimize your surroundings whilst on your eco-friendly holiday and opt for a scenic walk or hike.

Since the pandemic people have had a newfound appreciation for travel and tourism the need to treasure those moments and have a purposeful holiday is held at the heart of your experience.

If you’re not feeling a walk through the city center of a bustling city abroad, or a beach, try a brilliant alternative of cycling giving you the chance to explore areas of natural beauty whilst reducing emissions.

Fly more efficiently- 

Ushuaia Ibiza, Photo taken by Masie Edmond

Although flying is something you ultimately can’t avoid when traveling to certain places, flying efficiently is a small change you can implement in planning for your next holiday.

Taking a shorter-haul flight instead of a long haul allows for less mileage per flight, whilst reducing emissions.

Flying with less luggage means less weight, fewer emissions, and less stress for you whilst you enjoy your journey wherever it may be.